Library History

Library History

History of the Nevada County Library

The Nevada County Library was first located in an old school building (gym) where the current Daniel’s Trailer Park is located (West Elm/West Second/West Third).

Other locations have been on East Second, across from the courthouse, 123 West Main, and the last move to the corner of West Second South and West Elm. The new library is currently located at 121 West Main in downtown Prescott.

Former librarians were Mrs. King, Mrs. Bess Giest, Mrs. Lois McCain, Mrs. Lanora Dalrymple, Mrs. Judy Westmoreland-Hart, Mrs. Helen Miller, Mrs. Joyce Gibson, and Mrs. Terri Vandiver. The current librarian is Mrs. Theresa L. Tyree.

The Present…Prescott/Nevada County Library and Educational Facility

The NEW Prescott/Nevada County Library and Educational Facility was completed in June 2003 under the leadership of Mayor Howard Taylor and County Judge James Roy Brown. Jerry Hollensworth of Trull-Hollensworth in Magnolia, Arkansas, was the architect and Doyle Howard of Doyle Howard Construction, Inc. in Delight, Arkansas was the contractor.

A one million-dollar grant was secured in 1999, by then State Senator Mike Ross, for construction of a new facility. Other legislators aiding in this endeavor included State Representatives Sandra Rodgers and Tommy Roebuck and State Senator Percy Malone.

Mrs. Jane Bemis issued a $75,000 challenge for furnishing the new facility. Mrs. Bemis would match up to $75,000 for this endeavor. The citizens of Nevada County, the state of Arkansas and the United States responded to the challenge by raising the additional $75,000. Ms. Jayne Randolph, Prescott Elementary School Media Specialist, served as planner and coordinator of furnishings, along with Mrs. Bemis, Mrs. Gibson, and Friends of the Library.

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