On Your Mark, Get Set…READ! (Summer 2016)


On The Bookshelf

It’s time to bring your children in to sign up for the Summer Reading Program. This year’s theme is “On Your Mark, Get Set…..READ!” We will kick off on June 8 at 10:00 and run through July 13. This year’s programs include the Natural History Educational Company, which will bring a Kangaroo, Magic Mr. Nick, and Marshall Mitchell’s Cowboy Music. Along with these programs, we will have many fun activities ranging from archery, yoga, and many other physical activities to go along with the theme. Out last day will be filled with games and fun, with a carnival atmosphere. Please come by and register your children soon or call us at 870-887-5846.
We have several children’s summer book clubs that will begin on JUNE 1. Children going into the fourth or fifth grade can participate in the Super Bowl Book Club if they only read 10 books from a list provided by the library. All we need is your address so that you will receive the list in the mail on June 1. At the end of summer, we will celebrate with a Super Bowl Party, which include a movie, games, and prizes.
Children ages 3-6 can join the 100 club. The library has a list of books that every child should HEAR before Kindergarten. Make reading a habit for your child. Whether you read to your child or not, let this be a motivator to continue or simply just start!! The children will love the special recognition at the end of the summer when we have a party!
Children who are entering 2nd or 3rd grades can join the Marvelous Mighty Book Club. This Group will also be given a list of books, which will include chapter books. Reading a chapter book can transform you into a Marvelous Mighty.
Come by and see us today to hear more about our exciting summer activities!
Prescott Nevada County Library
Terri Vandiver

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