Diabetes Education and Healthy Eating Habits

Learn how to live well with diabetes by enrolling in a Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program.

A DSME program can help you learn:

  • How diabetes works and the options for treatment
  • How to make lifestyle changes with what you eat and your physical activity
  • How to take medicine safely and so it has the best effect
  • How to keep track of your blood sugar levels/blood pressure and use the results to make good decision
  • How to prevent, detect, and treat other medical issues that can come with diabetes
  • What ways work best for you for making healthy changes in your life

The DSME program will help you come up with an education and support plan that is right for you. This includes long-term support to help you track your success and make sure you’re on the right track.

You don’t have to have diabetes or hypertension to sign up….Maybe you have a loved one who would benefit from you taking this class. 

If you do not have diabetes but would like to know how to live a healthier life-style.

 Call 870-887-5846 to sign up

When: February 10th 10:00

Where: Prescott/Nevada County Library


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